Groupe Facebook : You lived in Normandy if ...

Dans la langue de Shakespeare !!!

Voici un petit groupe Facebook que j'ai découvert ce matin et qui, ma foi, me plaît assez ! Vive la normandie après tout ^^ ! Il fait, à l'instar du groupe "J'était enfant dans les années 90", une liste de tout ce qui fait que les normands sont ce qu'ils sont, et j'avoue avoir bien rigolé en me rendant compte que c'était finalement assez vrai dans l'ensemble ... Seul bémol : c'est en anglais ! Mais bon, un petit passage de la langue de Molière à celle de Shakespeare ne fait pas de mal, de temps à autre ^^ Bref, profitez donc de ce groupe, "You know you've lived in Normandy if ...", littéralement : "Vous savez que vous avez vécu en Normandie si ..." ! Ah, et pour les Bretons, j'ai envie de rajouter, pour leur rappeler, que le Mont St Michel est TOUJOURS EN NORMANDIE ! Eh oui ! Vive la NORMANDIE !!! Mouahahahahahah ! ^^

You know you've lived in Normandy if....

You're more used to seeing cows walk by your house than cars

You think that old cheese is the most beautiful thing but almost choke when entering a normal size city because of the "air pollution"

You hate vodka but LOOOOVE calvados

You hate beer but LOOOOOVE cidre

You believe that bocage (hedgerows) are a natural border and should one day replace landmines

You think you're better than all the other non-Norman French and you usually are!!!!!

You get held up by a tractor on the way to work and not by a traffic jam

You believe that taking a crap in your backyard is old fashioned and cliché but personally enjoy urinating in the street

You hate Bretons and Brittany for no apparent reason

You claim that Parisians know nothing

You call going to Caen or Bayeux "going to the city"

You hate McDonalds but can't seem to find another place to eat your lunches

You often think "What would William the Conqueror have done?" and often contemplate the idea of shooting an arrow in the eye of people who annoy you !

You hate Americans except when they are actually in Normandy to spend their money and throw crazy parties

You consider Normandy still owns England

You consider that that you don't live in the same country as people from Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Lyon or Marseille... we are way more cilivized...

You think Horse Riding is the most popular sport ever

You think Deauville doesn't mean Normandy but when people ask where you are from, you can't help saying, i kinda live close to Deauville

You think it's glamourous to be an empty windy beach getting a cold...

At age 18, your dream was to escape and you were spending your time saying Normandy sucks, so you went to a real city...once there, you couldn't stop acting like the new promoter of the landing beaches and saying : What? You have'nt been to The Mt St Michel yet!!

You love claiming your ancestors are really norwegian so you put a norwegian flag on your backpack and even learn Norwegian and can say properly : Jeg snakker flydente Norsk

You say "Eulà bah dis" when you are in shock

You say "Ca va ti ta tit tete?" to ask "How are you?"

You don't consider Upper Normandy to be a part of Normandy (if you're from Lower Normandy)

You believe that all Normans love each other and should unite (if you're from Upper Normandy)

You hate the Olypique de Marseilles because they come from someplace warmer than Malherbe

You are completly shocked when you see someone cook with oil or margarine. How can someone not have their daily dose of butter or cream?

You make fun of southerners for their stupid accent but fail to realize that you are unable to speakwithout saying "Chais po! P'tet ben qu'wê.." every other sentence

You wonder how it is to live in a place where it doesn't rain about 300 days a year

Omaha Beach reminds you first of a nice chill beach and a gof course before a horrible bloodbath from Saving Private Ryan

Your friends have marijuana growing in their back yard and their parents don't know what it is

You prefer the 6th of June to the 14th of July or any other day of the year

You go to the beach on a hot (10°C) summer day

You go in the WARM (5°C) water to swim and relax

You find it strange that people want to spend less than three hours eating dinner.

You kiss everybody hello and goodbye and forget that people in England don't really do that (unless they've lived in Normandy as well)

Your liver's shot to pieces!

You still prefer brandy to calvados but feel guilty and keep trying the calvados!

Your dogs come everywhere with you, even in restaurants.

When you're not there you want to be there.

You love Normandy for apparently no reason but Hell is it fun!

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c'est sur que la normandie en anglais c pas top!


neverlandemilie | Le Dimanche 17/02/2008 à 13:46 | [^] | Répondre


Uchi D'un autre côté, il y a énormément d'anglais en Normandie. Je ne sais pas trop pourquoi, mais bon ... Ca les attire je pense ^^


Uchi | Le Dimanche 17/02/2008 à 22:47 | [^] | Répondre